I have workstations that are not connected to my network

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You can collect inventory information from computers that are not connected to your network (or the Internet) manually using the old Samanage agent by following these steps:


  1. Utilize a disk-on-key (USB flash drive) to store manually collect inventory of your computers.
  2. Copy the old Samanage agent setup file to the flash drive.
  3. Create a batch file that installs the agent on the local machine, executes it in local mode and copies the created local inventory file back to the flash drive.


Here is an example that you can copy & paste to a new batch file:


SAMagentInstaller.exe  /s /nosplash




For 4.x agent use:


cd \program files\SAManage ocsinventory /tag:accountname /local /debug


copy *.ocs f:


For 2.0 agent (is current agent) use:


cd \program files\SAManage ocsinventory /tag=accountname /local /debug


copy "\programdata\OCS Inventory NG\agent\*.ocs" f:


  1. Replace "accountname" above with your unique Account Id.
  2. Verify the flash drive letter is F:
  3. Save the batch file to the flash drive.


As you are manually collecting your inventory, simply launch the batch file and it will install the old agent and copy the local file to the flash drive.


When you have completed collecting your inventory, please email your *.OCS files in a single ZIP format to our support team ( support@samanage.com ) and we'll add them to your inventory data.


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