Roles Types and License Types

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What was changed?

We have made some changes to the Roles section of Samanage. We have added Service Task User and renamed two existing roles. Service Task Users are part of My Service Tasks; a new feature that offers a simplified, consolidated view to manage approvals and assigned tasks. The User role was renamed to Service Agent User and Portal User was renamed to Requester.


What are the benefits?

With the release of the Service Task feature, we moved from the concept of role types to license types. Service Task gives users across the organization the ability to approve workflow items, Purchase Orders, Releases and Changes and complete tasks without needing to know Samanage in detail. The renaming to Service Agent User and Requester defines the roles more accurately.


What are the new license types?

Old Role Type

New License Type




Access to the full application

UserService Agent UserAccess to the full application except Setup

Portal User


Access to the Service Portal to submit break-fix tickets, request services, and explore the knowledgebase


Service Task User

Access to Service Portal plus the ability to approve requests, PO's, releases and changes and complete tasks using the 'My Service Tasks' tab

What actions are recommended?

Requesters and Service Task Users can be assigned tasks and approvals as part of a workflow and will receive the corresponding email notifications. However, a Service Task User can access the My Service Tasks tab to get a consolidated, prioritized view of all their work and click on line items to get details and context surrounding a task or approval. We recommend that if Requesters want an enhanced, streamlined user experience, then administrators will need to create and assign the Service Task capability.

How do I create a Service Task User role?

If your account doesn't already have permissions created for the Service Task User role, you can clone the default Requester role and set up base permissions.

  1. Navigate to Setup/Roles and scroll down to the Requester, click on the Clone Role button illustrated here.clone.png
  2. In the box that appears enter the Name, Description and in the User License Type and select Service Task User.
  3. Click the Create Role  button as illustrated here.


  4. You should now have Service Task User permissions as illustrated here that you can customize as needed.



How do I assign users to the new role?

You can update a single user's role by changing their role to the role created in their user profile. In addition, you can update users in mass using the procedure below.

  1. Navigate to Setup/Users.
  2. Select a filter, for example select Requesters.
  3. Select the users you want to modify.
  4. Click the Update button in the top right corner.
  5. In the box that appears, click the Role button and select the name you created when you defined the Service Task User.
  6. Click Update Selected as illustrated here.



If you are using an identity provider (IDaaS) to provision users using the Samange API, you will also need to contact your provider to determine how to map users to the Service Task User role.

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