Installing/Configuring the Old Samanage Agent to use a proxy server

Document created by Joseph Brown Employee on Jan 24, 2017
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To do a fresh install of the old agent to use a proxy:

  1. Download the old agent installation zip file from:
  2. Extract the executable from this zip file and rename it to SAManageAgentInstaller.exe
  3. Run the executable with the following parameters:


SAManageAgentInstaller.exe /S /NOSPLASH /TAG=<your_account_tag> /SERVER= /proxy_type=<proxy_type>

/proxy=<ip_addr> /proxy_port=<proxy_port>

/proxy_user=<user> /proxy_pwd=<pwd>


Where <your_account_tag> needs to be replaced with your account tag and


where <proxy_type> is:


Agent proxy use

0 => no

1 => HTTP proxy

2 => Socks 4 proxy

3 => Socks 5 proxy



To configure an existing old agent to use a proxy:

    1. Shutdown the OCSInventory Servier service (in Control Panel --> Administrative Tools --> Services)
    2. Edit the following file: C:\ProgramData\OCS Inventory NG\Agent\OCSInventory.ini then restart the service
    3. Change the values for following lines:


      ProxyType=                                (see above)


      Proxy=                                        (the ip address of the proxy server)


      ProxyPort=                                 (the proxy port)


      ProxyAuthRequired=1                (whether the Proxy requires authentication)