How to Configure Roles for Multi-Department Use

Document created by Joseph Brown Employee on Jan 24, 2017
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Using Samanage "Beyond IT" can be a great way to get other members of your organization involved when using your service desk.  IT isn't the only department that gets requests. HR, Finance, Maintenance, Facilities, and other department can also get requests for different services on a regular basis as well. Those team members can use Samanage to increase efficiency and reduce time to response.


But how do we separate these users?


The first thing you'll want to do is create a new role for the members of those teams that will be working on and responding to different requests that they specifically will be dealing with. The below screen shot is a great example of how to create a role for an HR team member who will be responding to HR related requests but will also be creating different requests of their own.


This role will allow your HR team member to create incidents and submit requests just like any other end user, but it will also allow them to log in to the back end and ONLY see tickets or requests that have something to do with the HR department so they can respond accordingly but not affect any other processes.


You can replicate this process for any other department that would benefit from managing their workloads from inside Samanage. See below screen shot for another example of a Facilities user.
As you can see, the role is almost identical except for scoping the category to Facilities & Operations. As long as your categories are set up correctly, the possibilities are endless in terms of getting the right people involved in the appropriate tickets and requests.


For more information on how to improve efficiency across your entire organization with Samanage, please contact an Account Manager or our Customer Success department for more information.

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