Organization Setup Tutorial

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The Organization section in the setup menu is where you can set up your sites and departments. Sites is used to distinguish the different locations your organization has. When creating sites you will give each one a name, location, and brief description as shown below:


Samanage Organizations Tutorial 1png


When setting up your departments you will just need to give each one a name. The rest of the information is optional but can be valuable. You can give each department a description, a default assignee, and see how many assets are associated to each one as shown below:


Samanage Organizations Tutorial 2png


Setting up sites and departments is valuable for a number of reasons:


-Associating assets to these different sites and departments will give you a good idea of where each asset resides and who currently owns it.


-You can set up routing rules for incidents that are submitted from certain sites or departments to go directly to the assignee that you define.


-Catalog items can be scoped down by site and department so that only certain users can view them.


-From a reporting perspective you can drill down both incidents and assets by site and or department to get the data you need.