Deploy old agent on Mac OSX

Document created by Joseph Brown Employee on Jan 24, 2017
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Supported Platforms:

MacOSX 10.7 and above.


Install Instructions:

  1. Download the Samanage MacOS Agent package
  2. Double click to mount and open the volume if it's not mounted automatically (volume name is "samanage-agent")
  3. Double click on samanage-agent icon to launch the installer
    * Click Continue
  4. Default location of the installation is your system disk, no need to change it
    * Click Install
  5. Enter the logged-in user's password:
    * Please enter the password and click OK.
  6. Enter your Samanage account name.
    * Enter the account name and click OK.
    * Note: your account name is the name you selected when you signed up for Samanage. Your account name can be found under Setup > Plans & Subscriptions.
  7. Installation will complete and run an inventory scan for the first time. This stage may take several minutes to complete.
    * Upon completion the installer returns with "Install Succeeded" message
    * Click Close
    * You can unmount the samanage-agent volume by clicking "Eject" or dragging its icon to the trash


To force a refresh of your Mac inventory, run the agent command manually:


For agent version 3.0 and above: sudo launchctl start org.ocsng.agent


For older versions: sudo php /usr/local/sbin/ocs_mac_agent.php


Silent install option is available by using these steps:

  1. Download
  2. Save it to /tmp or in a network shared directory
  3. Edit the script to include your account tag
  4. Make it executable by running

    chmod +x /tmp/
  5. Run the script as root, or use sudo
    sudo /tmp/


Removal Instructions:

To remove the MacOS agent please follow these steps:

     For agent version 3.0 and above:


  1. sudo /Applications/Samanage\


For older agent versions

     1. remove folder "/Library/StartupItems/OCSInventory" and its content

     2. remove the following files from "/usr/local/sbin":

          * ocs_mac_agent.php

          * samanage-agent-setup

          * samanage-save-config

     3. remove folder "/etc/ocsinventory-client"