Now Available: You Can Create Custom Automations in Samanage

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We are excited to announce the general availability of Samanage’s new Automations feature. This new feature helps Samanage users gain efficiency by automating elements that are repeated frequently, allowing you to easily manage both the simple and complex. This feature provides a powerful, yet easy way to trigger actions based on the conditions of a new incident and/or service request. Changing the priority or attributes, sending notifications to specific people based on rules you set, and adding tags when certain conditions are met, are all now possible by creating an automation in Samanage. And that's not all, this is only the beginning of our automation capabilities. We look forward to hearing from all of our Samanage Community members about ideas you might have for additional automation use cases.


An example of this new functionality is automatically adjusting the priority level of an incoming request based on who is sending it, for instance, our C-Level team as our VIP requestors. In addition, we want to automatically reassign any ticket from this team directly to a selected agent whom we have chosen to handle all ‘C-Level requests’. To learn how to set up this automation, follow the steps below:


To create custom automations navigate to Setup via the main menu and then select Automations.

BUTTON Automations.png

To create a new rule click on the button labeled ‘+Add Rule’.

LISTUSE Automations.png


Enter information about your new automation.

Screen 3 - NameDescriptionActive.png

Enter any conditions required for the action to be triggered when the condition is created.

Screen 4 - ConditionSetup.png


Create the action(s) that will be triggered when your conditions are met.

Screen 5 - ActionSetup.png

Your processes for managing incidents and service requests become much easier and more efficient when you create automation rules so you can manage what's repeatable and important. Ensure that you never miss that important "hot topic" request by setting up automations that look for keywords and then automatically add an appropriate tag to the incident or set it up to automatically notify you via email when that keyword comes. You can also create an automation that sends any request from a specific department directly to a list of agents who are most knowledgeable. 


Now you can easily manage both simple and complex requirements with this new powerful and flexible Automations functionality.


Let us know what you think of this new feature.


Your Samanage Team


To learn more about how to get the most out of the Automations Condition: Keyword take a look at our quick start tutorial located here on the community:  How to Use Regular Expressions Within Automations

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