Application Integrations Tutorial - Creating a Purchase Order

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Application Integrations Tutorial

This tutorial will walk you through the example of Creating a Purchase Order with the Application Integrations feature by utilizing the Samanage RESTful API. This example will contain the action intended as well as the contents intended for the various sections of the Application Integrations setup.


Before integrating with the Samanage API, you will need to add the integration within the “Application Integrations”  setup menu within the Setup section.


Let’s jump into the example!


Creating a Purchase Order

The Application Integrations feature will allow you to create a purchase order within your Samanage account as the part of your Service Catalog workflow. This can be helpful when using the Service Catalog to assist with equipment requests. When creating a laptop request Service Catalog item, you can automatically create the purchase order for this laptop within the Purchase Orders section in Samanage. The following example outlines the process of creating a purchase order for a laptop within an equipment request Service Catalog item.


The following variables have been defined within the Service Catalog “Variables” menu for this item and will be used to capture the requester's input when submitting this service request.



  • Laptop Requested (dropdown) - populate with all of your laptop offerings
  • Price (text field)
  • Date Needed (date field)


In order to use the Application Integrations feature with the Samanage API, you will need to utilize the “Name”, “Application”, “HTTP Method”, “URL”, “Additional Headers” and “Body” sections of the Application Integrations setup menu within the Service Catalog item. The following section will guide you through the contents that you will need to enter for each section based on this example.



Name: each Application Integration item within the process workflow will require a name


Application/HTTP Method

Application: Samanage






Additional Headers

Name: Content-Type

Value: application/xml




  <name>New Laptop</name>


  <due_date>{{Date Needed}}</due_date>

  <vendor><name>Hewlett Packard</name></vendor>



<purchase_order_items type="array">


    <name>{{Laptop Requested}}</name>





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