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Protecting our customer’s data is our top priority and we are always looking for ways to increase security and data protection. As a result, we are changing the way attachments are accessed in Samanage and will require authentication to view them. This change will greatly improve the security of attachments within the Samanage application.


What is changing?

We are changing the way attachment are accessible through Samanage across any module where an attachment can be added (e.g. Contracts, POs, Other Assets, Service Requests).


Effective October 10th, 2016, all requests to view attachments outside of the Samanage web interface, including mobile access will require authentication. This new approach enforces stronger security and addresses situations when Service Management information is shared outside of your organization.


In addition, we are introducing an alternate option for any users outside of your account who cannot authenticate. A Samanage Admin will have a Setup function, to opt-in to a feature which physically attaches the file to sent emails, along with their links. Doing so keeps the stored files secure, and allows the external users to get a copy of the stored file, without requiring authentication. This option should be used with caution.


How is it affecting me?

There is no impact to the user interface. Customers who have users which do not have Samanage credentials will not be able to access attachments in emails if they are CC'ed. These include third-party vendors external to your company, or any person who has not been provided with Samanage Credentials. For example, clicking on a link in notification email continues to be an obscured link in Samanage. Starting on October 9, 2016, users who click on the link will require authentication.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact support@samanage.com.




The Samanage Team

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