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Michael Deininger
I am trying to find out if there is a way to have an incident change status when the Requestor replies, can this be done?  I have reached out to support (3x email - 4x call - Sales Representative & Implementation person) and have gotten ZERO response.  Can this be done and is this a feature of the software?  What do I need to do to make this… (Show more)
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Allen,Lucius - R057234
When a Service Request workflow approval is done or a task is completed via email, the user is redirected to a web page informing them the approval was approved or the task was completed.   If the approval/task is handled from my laptop, I am redirected to a response webpage that confirms the approval/task was completed along with all the details… (Show more)
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Ross Rother
We have found that if a record (Configuration Item, Incident) has been edited, it can take seemingly 3 minutes or more after the record has been saved before the record shows up in a search.  Is there anything that can be done so that the record is searchable directly after saving the item? Is this a known issue?
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Arie Smouter
We all get Incidents for things that should be Service Requests. To the consumer/user, it doesn't matter as long as the service is provided. For the most part, we don't care either. Nevertheless, when metrics measure Incidents (we want the number to decline), or they measure Service Requests (high means we offer services often), or when SLAs are… (Show more)
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Robbie Larter
We would like certain articles to stand out as *new*, and arrange at the top of the list.
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Dylan Shaleen
We would like to remove the small grey bar in the email that Samanage sends out that says "Reply above this line to add a comment". Nine times out of ten, it doesn't work like it should, or it doesn't work at all. We would like people to reply to the incident instead of the email. How do we get rid of this bar?
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Mike Moegling
Hello, I am new to using the API's for Samanage and are struggling with probably some basic nuts and bolts that I am not finding on the site.  Maybe you can help me gain some ground in the right direction.  What I am wanting to do is pull in all of the problems from Samanage similar to doing the download option manually.  The data needs to be… (Show more)
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Ivan Javier Mirco
Hi.  We need to keep tracking of all communications related to an incident into Samanage Tickets. That means: after a user has created a Ticket for certain issue, we want every communication related to that issue to be written down on the opened Ticket (Incidents, whatever...) - This includes also "internal" message (using the option "private… (Show more)
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Russell Webb
How do I get my phone to switch back to mobile view after switching to normal view?
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Sam Buccieri-Gillett
Below examples are for Powershell, but you could adapt easily for other options. You can't first get a user by email and use their id value returned by the api to make a request for Incidents they are the requester of, e.g. $user = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri "$apiAddr/users.json?" -Method Get -Credential $CredsTrial…
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