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Richard MacDonald
Is there a way to query the asset/inventory database to get a report on the hard drive capacity and free space for my entire PC inventory? I can't customize the view to see that info, and a .CSV export has so many multivalued fields/columns (called storage) I can't easily parse it ... Thanks!
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Jon Tereba
We currently have a service catalog item that is going to create a work item in Visual Studio Team Services. We have it successfully setup to create the work item in VSTS through an Application Integration step. This step can pass the incident variables using tokens in the body of the REST API call. e.g. {{Change Title}}. We are looking to also… (Show more)
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Wesley Ryan
We have a few laptops that for whatever reason. legit or not, are no longer part of our assets to manage. We need to block them from reporting to SAManage. What is the correct process?
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Clive Wetton
Looking at my benchmark this morning I see that we have a negative score for first touch resolution. How is this possible? The score doesn't really work for us anyway as we assign to a group prior to assigning to an individual team member but I would have thought that 0% was the lowest score that was possible.  
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Mark Lucking
Ok,   I managed to get a TOKEN, list all incidents, create one, list details of said incident and even attach a file... but wait, to access the incident... I needed the incident ID; and to get that I needed to go to the web interface, which in a curl script isn't an option. So ... assuming I create an incident with ..   curl -H… (Show more)
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Tanya Garrett
Has anyone out there ever built a Scribe Online connector for the Samanage API?  I've been working on building one and running into one problem after another.  I'm finally connected, but I can't get any metadata to load.
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Paul Hiles
I am attempting to use the API to reassign an incident (service request) to a group.  I have tried a number of different json payloads and cannot seem to find the right one.   {"incident":{"assigned_to": 9999999}} {"incident":{"assigned_to": "9999999"}} {"incident":{"assignee":{"id": 9999999}}} {"incident":{"assignee":{"id": "9999999"}}}… (Show more)
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Olivier Paratte
Hi everyone,   I am looking for ideas and suggestion on how to track small / inexpensive asset (e.g. adaptors, laptop bags, clickers, etc.) given to staff. The goal is to easily see what all the "assets" given to a staff member, ideally in the "inventory" section of the user profile. I would like to avoid creating and manage too many "other… (Show more)
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Chad Brown
With the recent release of approval levels in Changes, I noticed the language on  no longer contains information on adding "APPROVERS" via XML/JSON. There are still tidbits below about Approval_condition; but the entire section on Approvers in the XML and JSON examples has been removed.   Additionally when I… (Show more)
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Tom Kelsall
Someone has clicked "Schedule Request" instead of "Create Request" and so a new incident is raised every so often. How does he find a list of his schedule so that he can cancel it/delete it?
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