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Jonathan Hogan
I have an email distribution group ("") that I would like to get notified when an incident with certain Category/Subcategory comes in.    I don't necessarily want to CC them on the incident itself, I just want the DL to get one notification that the ticket has been created.    Here's an example use case:  Ticket comes in with… (Show more)
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Lisa Ross
I am having some challenges with Time Keeping.  I am using the Service Agents Summary and Incidents Statistics (using statistics type:  Sum of time tracking).  Both reports produce different results. I need to get a true sense of the staff and their time against tickets.   Maybe I am doing something wrong?  Thank you. 
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Ginger McKenzie
Is there a way to report on users who do not have an asset assigned to them? You can view from Users if they have an asset/computer assigned to them but I do not see a way to filter or export a list of users and their assets assigned. Thanks for any help...
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Beth Johnson
I'm just starting to work with Application Integrations and having success with basic integrations based on the examples from the updating service requests document.   One of the things I'm particularly interested in is assigning incidents to different technicians depending on conditions or approvals. This works okay for assigning to individual… (Show more)
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Brandan Kusser
I am stuck trying to set up our new hire work flow.  What I want to happen is this : 1) HR opens a new hire ticket with very basic information (Name, Start Date, Department) 2) The ticket will then automatically route to the department manager for approval of the new hire 3) Upon approving, or along with the approval, the manager must fill out… (Show more)
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Dale Massey
We have a mailbox set up for users to send suspicious\phishing emails. We have them copy the email and attach it as an .msg.   It was working, however recently Samanage has been removing the attachment. What changed?
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Rachel Martin
Until recently, I was able to access a requester's user profile from the incident screen. This was particularly useful for new requester's whose full details had yet to be completed. Now I find changes have been made and this is no longer possible, and I have to go back to the incident list to pick up a hyperlink to their profile.   Has anyone… (Show more)
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Allen,Lucius - R057234
When a Service Request workflow approval is done or a task is completed via email, the user is redirected to a web page informing them the approval was approved or the task was completed.   If the approval/task is handled from my laptop, I am redirected to a response webpage that confirms the approval/task was completed along with all the details… (Show more)
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Bruce Fyfe
I would like to change to text from "Due On" in service requests to "When do you need this?"
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Josh Durdin
There is no listed user for in our setup but we cannot add it and it shows up under the general all incidents list but does not allow us to map it to a site.
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