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Greg James
Is there a way to use powershell to interact with the samange api in order to find an incident with a specific title, read the incident, and create a user in active directory based on fields within that incident?
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Gordon Gyngell
Good morning, Our Title column is now too narrow and we cannot seem to figure out how to widen it. Was this a part of an update? Is there a way to revert it? It is rather difficult to read down our queues the way it is.
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Travis May
I encountered something with one of our service agent groups that I had a question of how to administrate. The group in question needs to be able to handle any incidents/etc that fall within their scope but need to be locked down to only their items (viewing/updating/other). I believe I got all the permissions on the role set for that(seems to… (Show more)
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Nicholas Marlowe
So to start, I have a service request for new users that creates a bunch of other service requests based on variable selections. It's a live form, hasn't been modified recently and has been perfectly functional up until this afternoon.    I saw a user submit this service request around 4pm. When I was watching the integration in progress I saw… (Show more)
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Todd Thomas
Our organization experienced a major system outage yesterday. We used Samanage to help with incident identification and problem resolution. However, limitations of Problems has proven to be, well, a a major problem for us because of how they work today. With a few small tweaks, we think the experience could be much more valuable and useful. To… (Show more)
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Keith Pemberton
Zapier is great and I have used it to send incident information to an Azure function, but I would like to stay within the Office 365 ecosystem for getting real-time updates on Incidents.  Any know of plans to also support Microsoft Flow?
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Elior Ashkenazi
Hi,   I've set my main Incidents view, with several filters, to be the default.   In the last couple of weeks, maybe caused by a change to the service desk dashboard, or to my laptop, It seems that after every computer restart, and sometimes Chrome crash, the view resets to "All Incidents" without the filters.   When I click the small arrow… (Show more)
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John Gray
Looking to scan QR codes and then read the results all in the Sammanage app. Currently, you need to use a separate app to scan the QR code which then opens in a browser with the results. I am hoping to find a one stop shop with the Samanage app using a camera feature and then have the results show in the Samanage app.
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Chad Brown
We have several business units that want to address issues based on "Time in State" versus "Create Date" or "Last Update" date.   Anyone else see value in this? If so, I'll put up a proposal for development.   USE CASES in our environment: A ticket may be "created" in Nov 2017, but only got through an APPROVAL gate on 3 April 2018; whereas… (Show more)
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Francis Uy
Is there a way to set alerts or notifications if incidents have been sitting idle for a certain amount of time? After assignment, after first response, but still in progress? This is different from "not resolved by". If a ticket takes a long time, that's fine as long as it's actively being worked on. We want to spot tickets that get dropped,… (Show more)
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