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Dave Jackson
Hi All,    We are on our march to deploying Samanage next week.  We're working out the wrinkles and I'm currently working on the email notifications to customize them for our college.  We'll be rolling this out in stages, and currently we'll be working internally only, with no portal or user logons (over the summer to re mediate our own process… (Show more)
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Gustavo Trujillo
Per the below message from Azure, were there any changes that you had to make to your SAML configuration?   ************************************************** We know that security is a top priority for you. To ensure the highest levels of security with Microsoft Azure, we are adding new high-availability certificate authorities. For the… (Show more)
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Clive Wetton
We often have assets that have been decommissioned and are awaiting disposal, sometimes for several months as we only dispose of assets once per year. None of the standard asset statuses are suitable for this specific circumstance but I cannot see any way of adding a new status. Is it possible to add a new asset status?
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Zack Carlson
Highlighting text, hitting delete results in this behavior (Deleting where the cursor is, not the highlighted text)  See gif.   Gfycat GIFs GIF | Create, Discover and Share on Gfycat    This a bug?
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Marcos Zepeda
I would like the ability to export a report from the table view in the incidents tab and schedule this report as a PDF everyday. Is this possible?  
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Andrew Eardley
Hi   I am looking for a way to restrict access to Incidents in the Application, but still allow a user to create/view/update incidents in the Service Portal.   Reason: We have change requesters who create/update/manage changes via the Application, however we don't want them to have access to the Incident module within the application as they… (Show more)
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Katie Magliocco
I am trying to reconcile our purchased Suites with the Software that shows in Sam and because there are so many Versions they don't reconcile or in some cases, there are multiple versions on one machine but really only one installation.  It drives me crazy, how can I reconcile say MS Office Professional Plus 2013 when it shows multiple versions… (Show more)
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Nicholas Marlowe
I'm interested in creating Service Request inside of another Service Request. Looking at Application integration, how do i find the id of the Service Request i want to POST to? Is it in the URL somewhere?
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JR McVicker
Our school is in the process of switching over to Samanage for our ticket tracking software.  We have configured SSO with our ADFS server and logging into the site from a computer works.  However when we try to log in using the mobile app it does not.  Has anyone successfully configured mobile access using SSO?
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Steve Pak
Our email address domain will be changing and will need to edit the user accounts in samanage. We are trying to avoid re-creating new user accounts nor lose any existing data associated to those accounts such as tickets, problems, solutions, etc. We have about 300 users. Manually editing the user accounts will be time consuming. If you have any… (Show more)
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