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Craig Godden
Is there a good way to give managers access to see their direct reports incidents? or limit incidents to to a certain group?
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Nitsan Reznik
Hi Everyone,   We are wondering if anyone of you ever implemented or even tried implementing Escrow Process in SAmanage.   We are required to start the implementation of Escrow Process (As an example of the term, please find the following link:… (Show more)
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Graham Fischer-Corners
Looking like the agent is unable to run on a new High Sierra computer running APFS Getting a message that agent is unable to start.
in Ask the Community
Gerald Tuimalealiifano
What is your recommended work around for Inventorying linux machines now that support for linux has discontinued. I can manually add the machines into the Inventory System but I can't seem to edit the fields in 'Computer Details" like OS, Computer Domain etc (see screenshot below)   
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Jamie Milks
I am trying to use Application Integration to take information from one submitted service catalog item and create a more specific request from another service catalog item (i.e. New hire form creates a setup computer form for one group, setup account for another group).  The problem I run into is that there are free text fields for various bits of… (Show more)
in Ask the Community
Can't set user's title containing "&" via API. <user> <title>Something & Something</title> </user> Produces a 400 Bad Request error If I take the ampersand out, the request submits without any issues. I've tried this with both Invoke-WebRequest (Powershell) and also using curl bash.
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Todd Key
I have a few ones who leave comments and feedback ON THEMSELVES. They open tickets, work them and then give themselves excellent feedback on the work that they give.   This is a loophole that needs to be closed.    Does anyone else see the issue on this?   Screen capture attached.
in Ask the Community
Joel Thompson
We're trying to determine a way to prevent our clients from adding new and sometimes unrelated comments in a ticket that has already been resolved and closed.
in Ask the Community
Leitha Heine
We have noticed that several agents get direct reply from our user's to comments on their tickets, but it doesn't seem to happen all the time or consistently.  Any ideas on how to prevent this?
in Ask the Community
James Jewart
I have created a Service Catalog item that a user can request a change or enhancement to an existing production application. I have utilized the Application Integration capabilities to "automatically" create a Change within Samanage. But there is no "linking" between the two after they are created. The Tech would have to go into the application… (Show more)
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