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Harley Campbell
wanting a report that shows the current active computers in inventory of samanage with most to least descending order incidents
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Jason Dupuis
Is there any way to give the user the option to reopen their ticket when responding to a Resolution Posted email instead of an automatic reopen?  We are finding that we are spending a fair bit of time re-resolving tickets that users have replied back with 'Thanks'.  Giving the user the option to reopen or not would save a lot of time.  Maybe it… (Show more)
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Scott Harvey
Does the Samanage Change Management module have the ability to be programed to auto populate names of potential approvers in the approver Level fields?  As an exmple, our process could have as many as four managers available to approve a level 1 change, and three leaders at level 2. Could those names be preprogramed into Samanage with those… (Show more)
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Courtney Vargo
I'm trying to create a ticket in Samanage from SharePoint (using a Nintex Workflow) that has an attachment. The item in SharePoint is a PDF and is attached to the list item from which I'm initiating the workflow. I can get the URL to this item easily, but passing it to Samanage via the API to add as an attachment errors out. I'm assuming this is… (Show more)
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Daniel Lawson
Is anyone else having issues viewing the entire comment on an incident in the Samanage app?  Since an app update a while back the comments run off the right side of the screen and you can't see all of the text.  I was hoping subsequent app updates would resolve, but I am still seeing the bug on my phone.
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Bryant, Wayne
Is it possible to use either json or xml application integrations to automatically add a group or individual to the CC list of an SCI?
in Ask the Community
Riya Badlani
I have incident, which is identical to another so when i write solution can I link solution for multiple incidents?
in Ask the Community
Andrew Eardley-Day
Has anyone had any success using the API to create a change calendar; ideally in Outlook but would be happy with it in Excel in some form.   If so, would you be able to share how you have done it?   Thanks
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Dennis J Bradley
Has anyone used classic ASP programming to access the Samanage API with a token authentication method?
in Ask the Community
When I retrieve an incident's details via the API, the response body contains attachments details, e.g: $ curl --digest -u '[username]:[password]' -H 'Accept: application/vnd.samanage.v1.3+json' -X GET '' ...    "attachments":[         {            "id":18548779,         … (Show more)
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